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I’m Lori Stith,  ‘The Stoicess’ and CEO of Stoic Matchmaker, LLC.

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We are an eLearning site teaching THE STOICESS’ MEDITATION.  Our community constantly trains to improve our relationships & handling of difficult life situations.

Your development in gaining the correct perspective on how to deal with a boss, friend, co-worker, or loved one is paramount to your success.

I want You to Succeed!

Basic Training and
Advanced Training offered

Basic Training (Free):

Basic Training is Currently FREE.  
To join Basic Training contact us at:

In Basic Training, You Learn ALONE.  
You’ll receive a brief writing or game each week for gaining familiarity with Stoicism’s applicability to your Success.

Advanced Training (Paid Membership):

Advanced Training is for Paying Members Only.  
Signup on the website and select Networking or Dating.  
You’ll automatically be sent to PayPal Checkout following Signup.

Games, Writings, Podcasts, and Your Success Stories are the cornerstone of our Advance Training program.

Games, Writings, and Podcasts

What games and writings are you using for Advanced Training?   

Games: Word search puzzles or sentence scramble are used to communicate Stoic principles.  
An example is our weekly ‘Behavior-Response’ series.  
The series addresses a behavior that needs overcoming along with a suggested Stoic response.  
Another example is our ‘Leadership with Stoic Principles’ series where we integrate leadership with Stoic principles– a captivating Empowerment approach I must say.  

Writings: The Stoicess’ Helpline, a daily series, gives a situation that a colleague needs our help in addressing.  Everyone is encouraged to respond with a five (5) sentence S-T-O-I-C writing.  This is a way for you to practice THE STOICESS’ MEDITATION.

Listen to My Weekly “The Stoicess’ Secret” Podcasts to give you a different perspective on how to handle difficult life situations.

“Beat the Professor” Challenge   
Another weekly event is the “Beat the Professor” challenge.
Did you ever want to challenge Professors in school knowing you were smarter than them?  
I know I did.  
Well now you have that chance.  

And wow do I have a humdinger Professor for you!  
It’s Steve Blackwell, our Chief Operations Officer of Stoic Matchmaker, LLC. 

Our Professor is a 4.0 Ph.D.; I had Steve place his Ph.D. transcript on his home page to prove to us he’s that smart.  
So head over to Steve_Bl and look at his “files” and you’ll see his transcript.
You might also note that he completed his entire program (including the oral defense and dissertation) in 3 years.  He started in January 1995 and finished in January 1998 — the first in the Department’s history at Ole Miss to accomplish such a feat. 

How does the game work?
In the “Beat The Professor” Challenge, interested members will join the team of one of our certified experts.  The expert will lead the team in developing a 5 (five) sentence S-T-O-I-C writing & “Mindset Behind the Storytelling” for competing against The Professor.  The Expert Teams are listed on the Community Groups.  
The Professor will be working on his own.  This is a way for you to learn THE STOICESS’ MEDITATION.

I’ll email a situation (the “S” of S-T-O-I-C) by Thursday of each week to members, experts, and The Professor so everyone can start working on the best response.

What type of situation will you address?  
These will be real life situations that either members, experts, or The Professor have shared with me.  
They won’t be easy, but we can do it!  

Here’s a couple of examples:  
– A coworker approached me with a situation in an aggressive manner.  
– Why do l feel like the person I have feelings for deserves a better person than me?  
– Worried if I am fired, or choose to leave my job, can I survive?  
– Why is it that when you don’t like someone, they’re the one who wants you, but the one you want, doesn’t even like you?  

Will the Expert Teams have meetings?  
Yes. The Experts will set up a time for meeting with their respective TEAM.   The meetings will occur via ZOOM.  Typically, the meetings have been occurring on Sunday afternoon.

When does the ‘Beat The Professor’ Challenge occur?  
The Challenge occurs each Tuesday evening at 6:30pm (EST).  
An Expert’s Team will present their writing and storytelling. The Professor will present his writing and storytelling.  
The experts will give their opinion on the presentations and then all members present will vote to decide who is the winner — the writing and storytelling that best addresses the situation.  

So my question to you IS:  
ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 4.0 Ph.D. Professor?  
Together, we can “Beat The Professor”.  
And we can do it every week!  
Better than throwing a ball at a dunking booth I’d say!  

Your Success Stories (Advanced Training Only):

What are My Success Stories?  
It’s Your 5 (five) sentence S-T-O-I-C Storytelling® — it’s quick & easy to learn and helps you to recall quickly what to do when facing a relationship issue.  
It teaches you how to handle difficult life situations while remaining in control.    
Real-World problems are used to help you learn through practical application.    

What’s the secret to these 5 (five) sentences?  
Engagement, Engagement, Engagement.  
You’ll use these 5 (five) sentences to tell the team how you applied a Stoic saying to a situation you faced and overcame. 

You’ll put into effect Stoic principles in your life by Reminiscing about Your Achievements — how you overcame a difficult relationship problem whether with a boss, friend, co-worker, or loved one.  

Each time YOU face a problem and overcome, and share YOUR Success Story with Your community on our website, you become Stronger.  This is a way for you to practice THE STOICESS’ MEDITATION.

Only 5 sentences?  
You’ll learn how to write 5 sentences that have the Most Impact on Your Life.  

How often should I write my 5-sentence Success Story?  
One Success Story a week at a minimum  
— AND Share your Success Story with our community —  
to gain maximum results.

Why should I share my Success Stories with Our community?  
To Become What You Write; It is a Testament To Your Actions.  
The process helps You to stop pretending to be someone you’re not.  
Instead, You Become That Person.  
As Socrates commented, “Be as you wish to seem”.  

Are you going to help me with this?  
To help you, I’ll place a picture each week on each of the Community Groups (Trust, Belonging, Happiness, SAFE, & Values).  
You can look at the pictures and:  
(1) select the Community Group picture that reminds You of a Stoic principle you applied this week to an event in Your life, and  
(2) write Your 5 sentences in that Community Group about Your accomplishment for sharing what You learned with our Community.  

You’ll also receive the daily Stoicess’ Helpline request where you (along with our community) can respond to a colleague’s situation with a 5 (five) sentence S-T-O-I-C writing.  

As you know, the Greats wrote about what they learned.  
Reminiscing & Sharing Your Accomplishments is Exceedingly Powerful.  
Both You and Your colleagues grow stronger…. we grow as a Community.  

My Training Program teaches You THE STOICESS’ MEDITATION so you can:  
**REMAIN CALM — In a Sea of Relationship Craziness**  
**BE A FORTRESS — Overcome Stress, Anxiety, & Fear in Relationships**  

Who’s the real Stoic in our households?  
Is it us or our lovable companions?  

Whether a cat, dog, bird, guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, ferret… (you name your beloved)… have you ever watched them in amazement wondering if they’re ultimately more stoic than us humans?  
I have and I’m apparently not the only one.  

Visit our Community Group titled “SHOWCASING OUR STOMAYTES” – It’s a place where we share stories and links to pics & videos of our beloved animals while THEY appear to practice Stoic principles…. We could probably learn a thing or two from them.  

In Closing:  

I know you’ll enjoy your time here at Stoic Matchmaker.  
Join us and become a part of THE TRAINING COMMUNITY that ‘Matches Your Mind to the Stoics to learn THE STOICESS’ MEDITATION.’
  It’s Your pathway to  Empowerment’.™

Learn at Your Own Pace While Interacting with Others.  
You’ll grow Stronger.  
We’ll grow stronger Together.  

Are YOU ready to be AMONG the GREATS?  
Then Write and Share Your Accomplishments…. It’s that simple.   
Our Training Program puts you on that path.    


Wishing You The Very Best In Life’s Journey,  
Lori Stith


Stoic Matchmaker, LLC is interested in producing a book of “S-T-O-I-C Storytelling Writings” based on its members’ experiences in life as its members practice stoic principles based on learning gained through participation in our Advance training program. The writings will also be used by Stoic Matchmaker in program analyses for subsequent program improvement.

For this work, all Registered members on the website are potential independent contractors (herein referred to as “seller” or “you” or “your” or “member”) for hire by Stoic Matchmaker, LLC (herein referred to as “buyer” or “we” or “us” or “our”) to produce the book of S-T-O-I-C Storytelling Writings.  Registered members are enrolled in the Advance Training method and are considered to be uniquely qualified sellers for hire for this particular work due to their participation in our Advance training program.

Selection process:

For every 4 consecutive month period that the registered member is with us, we’ll pay the registered member $50 for one S-T-O-I-C Storytelling.  For example, that’s $150 per year if the registered member is with us 12 consecutive months. 

To receive the offer for purchase of the registered member’s one five (5) sentence S-T-O-I-C Storytelling, the registered member will be responsible for notifying Stoic Matchmaker at that the registered member (a) has been registered with Stoic Matchmaker for the now current 4 consecutive month period, (b) has placed the five (5) sentence S-T-O-I-C Storytelling writing on their website page with the title “$50 S-T-O-I-C Storytelling”, (c) provide a link to the website page displaying the “$50 S-T-O-I-C Storytelling” writing, and (d) requests Stoic Matchmaker to consider the five (5) sentence S-T-O-I-C Storytelling writing on the website page for the $50 payment.  The registered member’s notification to Stoic Matchmaker must be made within 30 days following the last day of the current 4th consecutive month period (addressed above).  Because the writing is being used to monitor the member’s progress, if this 30 day notification period is exceeded, Stoic Matchmaker reserves the right to not purchase the writing. 

Bilateral contract:

As an independent contractor, the registered member will be entering into a bilateral contract with us when writing the five (5) sentence S-T-O-I-C Storytelling.  There will be a mutual exchange of promises between the member and us. The member will promise to (a) perform the work in a professional manner including providing a written product suitable for publication in the general public for all ages and (b) deliver the work in its entirety within the agreed upon timeframe as stated in the offer.  We will promise to pay the member for performing the work.  The member will be selling their work to us.  Thus, the contract will be considered making a promise and being the beneficiary of a promise for each party.


The solicitation for the bilateral contract will be in writing from us to the registered member following the registered member’s notification to us of being registered with Stoic Matchmaker for the current 4 consecutive month period.  The solicitation will be a document that the registered member, if agreeable to the terms, will need to sign, return to us, and then we will need to sign.  The document will include the amount of payment we are willing to pay for the service the member will perform– currently $50.   Once the document is signed by both parties, a bilateral contract will exist.

Empower Your Mind 10 Minutes at a Time.  
Stoic Storytelling — Your Personal Writings Matter !

* The phrase “$50 paid to write 5 sentences” is not intended to and does not create a contract or offer of employment as an independent contractor.  The contract or offer will be made by written documentation between the parties.

This Training Page was last revised on March 30, 2021.


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