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I’m Lori Stith, CEO of Stoic Matchmaker, LLC.

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We are an eLearning site offering a community that constantly trains to improve our relationships & handling of difficult life situations.

We offer Basic Training and Advanced Training.

Basic Training:

Basic Training is Currently FREE.
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In Basic Training, You Learn ALONE.
You’ll receive a brief writing each week for gaining familiarity with Stoicism’s applicability in relationships.

Advanced Training:

Advanced Training is for Members Only.
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Games and Your Success Stories are the cornerstone of our Advance Training program.

Games (Advanced Training Only):
Regarding games, word search and sentence scramble puzzles are presently used.
An example is our weekly Behavior-Response puzzle. The puzzle addresses a behavior that needs overcoming along with a suggested Stoic response.

S-T-O-I-C Storytelling (Advanced Training Only):
The S-T-O-I-C Storytelling Method is our Advance Training Method to Help You in Relationships.
The Method is designed to teach You how to handle difficult life situations by using Stoic principles.
Real-World problems are used to help you learn through practical application.

The Secret? Engagement, Engagement, Engagement.

The Method helps you put into effect Stoic principles in your life by Reminiscing about Your Achievements — how you overcame a difficult relationship problem whether with a boss, friend, co-worker, or loved one.
Each time YOU face a problem and overcome, and share YOUR Success Story with Your community on our website, you become Stronger.

What’s My Success Story?
It’s writing five (5) sentences about how you applied a Stoic saying to a situation you faced and overcame.

Only 5 sentences?
We’ll show you how to write 5 sentences that have the Most Impact on Your Life.

How often should I write my 5-sentence Success Story?
One Success Story a week at a minimum
— AND Share your Success Story with our community —
to gain maximum results.

Why should I share my Success Stories with Others on the website?
To Become What You Write; It is a Testament To Your Actions.
The process helps You to stop pretending to be someone you’re not.
Instead, You Become That Person.
As Socrates commented, “Be as you wish to seem”.

To help you, I’ll place a picture each week on each of the Community Groups (Trust, Belonging, Happiness, SAFE, & Values).
You can look at the pictures and:
(1) select the Community Group picture that reminds You of a Stoic principle you applied this week to an event in Your life, and
(2) write Your 5 sentences in that Community Group about Your accomplishment for sharing what You learned with our Community.

As you know, the Greats wrote about what they learned (for sharing with themselves and others).
Reminiscing & Sharing Your Accomplishments is Exceedingly Powerful.
Both You and Your audience grow stronger…. we grow as a Stoic Community.

Our Training Program teaches You to:
**REMAIN CALM — In a Sea of Relationship Craziness**
**BE A FORTRESS — Overcome Stress, Anxiety, & Fear in Relationships**

Join us and become a part of our Stoic Community.
Learn at Your Own Pace While Interacting with Others.

You’ll grow Stronger.
We’ll grow stronger Together.

Are YOU ready to be AMONG the GREATS?
Then share Your Stoic Accomplishments…. It’s that simple.
Our Training Program puts you on that path.

JOIN US NOW — It’s Time for a Change “OF OUR MINDS”

Wishing You The Very Best In Life’s Journey,


Stoic Matchmaker, LLC is interested in producing a book of “S-T-O-I-C Storytelling Writings” based on its members’ experiences in life as its members practice stoic principles based on learning gained through participation in our Advance training program. The writings will be based on our five (5) S-T-O-I-C Storytelling method. The writings will also be used by Stoic Matchmaker in program analyses for subsequent program improvement.

For this work, all Registered members on the website are potential independent contractors (herein referred to as “seller” or “you” or “your” or “member”) for hire by Stoic Matchmaker, LLC (herein referred to as “buyer” or “we” or “us” or “our”) to produce the book of S-T-O-I-C Storytelling Writings. Registered members are enrolled in the Advance Training method and are considered to be uniquely qualified sellers for hire for this particular work due to their participation in our Advance training program.

From time to time, we will seek a seller to perform work for us by writing the five (5) sentences based on using our S-T-O-I-C Storytelling method. When selected by buyer to receive an offer, seller seller will receive a written offer by email from buyer.*

Our plans are to reach the point that we can hire at least one member per week for this work.

Bilateral contract:

As an independent contractor, the member selected will be entering into a bilateral contract with us when writing the five (5) S-T-O-I-C Storytelling sentences. There will be a mutual exchange of promises between the member and us. The member will promise to (a) perform the work in a professional manner including providing a written product suitable for publication in the general public for all ages and (b) deliver the work in its entirety within the agreed upon timeframe. We will promise to pay the member for performing the work. The member will be selling their work to us. Thus, the contract will be considered making a promise and being the beneficiary of a promise for each party.

Selection process:

Selection of a member as a seller will be at our sole discretion. To be considered for selection, active engagement with our Advance training program is required. Examples include the following criteria (the listing of these items has no legal binding on us):
(a) Member has a fully completed profile on the website
(b) Member has an avatar and cover photo on their profile on
(c) Member acts professionally and courteously to others on
(d) Member actively engages on the website

Examples of active engagement include the member:
– Placing their weekly 5 sentence S-T-O-I-C-Storytelling on a Community Group
– Actively engaging on the Community Groups
– Actively engaging on the Forums

Our criteria for selecting an independent contractor to perform each piece of the work needed will be based on our sole discretion. For example, we presently conceive that one section of our book will be based on those members new to our program versus other sections covering different timeframes as members grow through active engagement with our program.


The solicitation for the bilateral contract will be in writing from us to the member. It will be a document that the selected member, if agreeable to the terms, will need to sign and return to us. The document will include the amount of payment we are willing to pay for the service the member will perform. Once the document is signed by both parties, a bilateral contract will exist.

Better Your Mind 10 Minutes at a Time.
Your Writings Matter! (Especially to Us!)

* The phrase “$50 paid if hired to write 5 sentences” is not intended to and does not create a contract or offer of employment as an independent contractor. When selected by buyer to receive an offer, the seller will receive a written offer by email from buyer.



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