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About Us

StoicMatchmaker is a Dating and Networking website designed from a woman’s perspective based on the Stoic virtues – justice, courage, moderation, and wisdom.

These are the good virtues that all, both women and men, truly strive for in another as our friend, our best friend, our mate, our ONE.

Join Annabelle and me (Willismae) as we share our journeys of peace to happiness.*
Together, we will change how we look at life and our partners.

For women, my goal is to assist you in finding your Perfect ONE.
Annabelle’s goal is to assist you in your journey with your Perfect ONE.

For men, you’ll likely find someone (like me) that you’d be proud to take home to meet “Mom”.

Annabelle will help keep that relationship VIBRANT AND STRONG for those having found their perfect ONE.

And if you want your life to be more tol’able (meaningful), then check out the “Life Advice” blogs.

Annabelle and I will be in touch with you soon.
Wishing you the very best,

Take the chance that tomorrow will bring you PEACE

*Willismae’s and Annabelle’s journeys along with the Life Advice blogs can be found on the “Stoicism & Happiness” page.