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How to Ask God for Forgiveness

How to Ask God for Forgiveness

September 30, 2022

How to Ask God for Forgiveness

Human beings are literally natural-born sinners. We sin every day. Some of these sins are unconscious and we naturally feel bad about them when we realize what we’ve done. Others we may feel worse about because we knew what we were doing was wrong when we did it and having made that choice can weigh down on our relationship with God. 

If you’re feeling distant from the Lord or want to get right with Him, asking for His forgiveness is essential. How you handle your mistakes shows much you value your relationship with the Almighty. As a Christian, you are called to repent and ask for forgiveness whenever you sin. That can sound pretty vague, at times, especially when our faith is already a little shaken. So let’s put the idea of asking for forgiveness into more actionable terms.

Get Your Mind & Heart Right

There are three key things you should have going for you when you decide to ask for forgiveness. These seem simple on paper, but actually getting to these places and maintaining them is not always easy. Let’s review them and why each matters.

  • Sincerity: Sincerity is key because God already knows what is in your heart. He knows whether or not you genuinely feel remorse for your actions and want Him to forgive you. 
  • Clarity: Clarity plays an integral role not because God is at risk of misunderstanding you, but because you need to be able to be specific enough to verbalize the errors you’ve made so that it’s clear you truly recognize and understand the gravity of your actions and how they have affected your relationship with God, yourself, and others. 
  • Humility: This is essential because you must remember your place as you – a sinner – to stand before God – the Almighty – and ask for His forgiveness. You are but a servant of God, and you should ask for forgiveness humbly without any assumption or entitlement that you deserve it.

We are not worthy of God’s forgiveness, yet to the truly apologetic, He grants it. This is the beginning of how we move on to sanctification with Him by fighting the temptation to do so again in the future. 

The ABC’s of Forgiveness 

When you’re ready to ask for forgiveness, here’s a good template to stick to (mindfully, however). This is taught in Sunday Schools and Vacation Bible Schools all over the world to kiddos, but as adults we sometimes forget it applies to us, too. 

When turning to God for His forgiveness, we can break the steps down into what’s called the “ABC’s” of forgiveness:

  1. Admit/Acknowledge: With a bit of candor, simply start by admitting to or acknowledging the sin you’ve committed. Acknowledge what they were and how they affected others is the key to obtaining His grace. 
  2. Believe: Believe in our God to whom you pray, believe that He sent His son to die for us, and believe that only through His grace can you be absolved and forgiven. 
  3. Confess/Commit: Confess that you are but an unworthy sinner and that you desire God’s love and forgiveness more. In doing so, recommit yourself to a life led by Him and make a conscious effort going forward not to make this mistake again. 

Final Words

Remember, when you ask God for forgiveness, He is being faithful and just to forgive you. His mercies are new every morning, and He will never leave you or forsake you. Your faith in the death and resurrection of His only begotten Son is what justifies you before a holy God. So trust in Him today, and ask for His forgiveness. He is ready and willing to give it if you are ready and willing to humble yourself before him and receive it. God is always waiting with open arms to welcome you back home.

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