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How to Choose a Church

How to Choose a Church

July 22, 2022

How to Choose a Church

Churches help people find their meaning and purpose, so it’s essential to learn how to choose a church that lets you fulfill your earthly mission. With hundreds of thousands active in the country, how do you find the best one? 

Read on for practical tips for deciding on your ideal church.


First, find out what the church preaches. It should match your faith, beliefs, and values. Its website should have its history, doctrinal beliefs, and statement of faith.

Advancing the Kingdom of God

Churches with similar faiths may spread God’s word in different ways. Some recommend carrying the Bible everywhere while others focus on sharing faith-based movies, music, and books. Whichever church you choose, make sure they are active in advancing the kingdom

Community Groups

Next, ask how the church forms community groups — are they formed by age, stage of life, or neighborhood? The most critical factor to consider is what space you will be fitting in. 

Worship Style

Different worship styles include prayer, meditation, song, informal worship, private worship, and various combinations of the above. Whatever makes you feel closest to God is the ideal style for you. 


God’s message of salvation includes diversity, making it a crucial factor in your decision. To be Christian is to have compassion for all races, genders, and ages.


Lastly, check out the church’s mission statement. It should be compelling enough to move and inspire you into action. 

Find the Right Support for Your Unique Journey

To serve God and spread His word as best as we can, we need to find a church community that provides us with the support and religious teachings that we need. Your search will become much easier when you stop looking for the “best” church as decided by someone else’s metrics and begin looking for the best church for you.

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