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Who Our Members Are

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Stoic Matchmaker is different from other online dating sites. Instead of swipes, our members care about authentic relationships and becoming a person of principles, on a continual journey of personal growth. They want to meet someone with the same mindset.


Meet the Person Not the Picture

Other dating sites give you a profile description and a picture. Dating decisions are made purely on these things. Outer beauty is one thing, but inner beauty is far more. Stoic Matchmaker has much more to offer. By interacting in weekly challenges together, you get to “rub shoulders” with other people and learn more about them than what a paragraph will tell you. Additionally, our members are on the path to become the best version of themselves. They engage in our weekly offerings and don’t shy away from working through challenges together. Our platform encourages authenticity because we focus on the concerns and needs of our community. Our weekly challenges address the issues of life and from these, growth occurs. In the process, our members benefit from lasting change. We love seeing personal growth. One of our most valuable offerings teaches people what’s important when choosing a relationship partner.

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What Our Members Want


Members in our community are seeking lasting relationships. Relationships are hard because they involve people who aren’t perfect. Thus, our members are not only on a journey to find true love, but they are also on a journey of continual improvement and personal growth. Through Stoic teachings, our members are open to commitment, hold themselves accountable, place the needs of another above themselves, and create strong, enduring relationships. The Stoicess’s and the Professor’s teachings help them every step of the way.

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Drawing on the common interests of personal growth and development, our community grows ever-closer to reaching the goal of a changed mind. Meeting someone compatible to this goal is a great source of encouragement. When two people who are striving to improve themselves cross paths with one another, they become a team that can’t be broken. In truth, a change of mind leads to a change of action and those building blocks lead to a lasting relationship.

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Our weekly offerings foster personal growth for those who take the time to think deeply upon the exercises. Authentic sharing among the community empowers each person to come out of their shell and truly blossom. Everyone is on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and no two people may be at the same place. However, those who encourage others, who step out of their comfort zone, and who make new friends, find the empowerment they are seeking.

The teachings will help you:

  • Prepare your mind to choose the best partner for a relationship
  • Become more resilient and confident in your own life
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and worry no matter what life throws at you
  • Create better, more genuine friendships and relationships
  • Enjoy a greater sense of personal wellbeing and inner peace

Our teaching methods will positively affect every area of your life, whether it’s your job, at home, with friends, etc. If you follow the path, you will find change.

What Stoic Matchmaker Offers


As a subscriber, unlock every “Hear My Secret” Podcast from the Stoicess. This popular teaching addresses specific relationship topics and what the Stoic response should be.


This is our premier method for teaching Stoic principles. Stoic Storytelling empowers the mind to face difficult circumstances and life challenges through writing. You’re not alone though. Our other members are implementing stoic principles into their lives too. This creates dynamic opportunities to discuss progress on the journey of life. We encourage all of our members to write and share a Stoic story with all members.


eam up with others and challenge the Professor on a preselected relationship topic. The challenge will ponder a stoic concept. How will you implement it? Learn from others in their journey and share your own experiences. Meet new people in this interactive challenge.


Share with other members what you can live without in this daily forum. Members present an item they have decided to live without. Other members can see and interact with what other members have decided to do. As Socrates stated, “I love to go and see all the things I am happy without.”


Join other members in a community group as we share pictures of our lovable companion animals as they portray Stoic principles. In this interactive forum, our members can share their messages and comment about the different Stomaytes. We identify who the real Stoics are.


A weekly puzzle game that will address a behavior and how to overcome it with a Stoic response. Our members use these to remind them of stoic principles and are encouraged to implement them into their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our website features profiles like any other dating site. You can message other members. The real “getting to know someone” happens during our weekly challenges and group exercises. We encourage all of our members to take every opportunity to participate and share their experiences with others.
Are you interested in personal growth while also looking for someone who wants a real relationship? Then you are the perfect candidate for our community. Welcome!
For those who are battling how to handle a specific situation, tell us about your question.

Each day, questions are taken from the “Contact Us” submissions and presented to the community. A Stoic response is provided from our other members using the Storytelling method. The original person who posed the question remains anonymous. This gives members of our community the ability to practice the use of stoic principles, and help others, while learning more about each other in the process.

In our weekly “Beat the Professor” challenge, members join a team via Zoom to develop the best S-T-O-I-C method presentation for a particular situation. Each team will work with a designated leader to build a response. Then, one of the Leaders will go one-on-one with the Professor. Each will give their presentation and the winner will be voted on by the community. This interactive challenge encourages our community to grow together.

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$5 per Month*

*For your initial 4 consecutive months with us, if you perform the S-T-O-I-C writings for 4 consecutive months, we will pay you $100 so your average cost equates to $5/month. For more information, visit the Training Page and Terms & Conditions page, “Buying Members’ Stories”.


Gift Giving: For Our Children

At the close of every month, $1 is donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for each paying member enrolled with us all days during that entire month.

The donation increases to $6 for each paying member enrolled with us all days during a 5 month (or longer) period.

The Stoicess’ Promise: There is No limit on the amount to be donated.

“God loves a cheerful giver.” Apostle Paul


The Stoicess’ Commitment To You:  Money Back Guarantee

I want you to grow closer to God so He can draw near to you. The Professor and I are committed to helping you in your growth while being satisfied with our service which is why I offer a 21 day money-back guarantee for a full month’s refund. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with Stoic Matchmaker’s service, you have 21 days from your initial membership purchase date to send an email to https://stoicmatchmaker.com/contact-us/ and request the refund.

The Stoicess,
Lori Stith, CEO