Coffee Date

Coffee Date

February 10, 2022

Is a Coffee Date Really a Date?

Everyone gets nervous about dates. Let’s say that you have gathered up the courage to ask someone to join you for coffee. You want it to be a date, but would the person you asked consider it a date?

A date can be a social or romantic event, which would mean that every person’s definition of a “date” can be subjective. To confirm that you’re going on a date with someone, you need to be clear and straightforward with your intentions. To do this, you need to know what your intentions are and be able to convey them to your potential date.

For example, a clearly conveyed intention would be if you explicitly said that you want to ask the person out on a date. You could say something like: “Hey! I think you’re really cute. There’s this great place that serves the best coffee in town. Would you like to grab some with me?”

Asking a Friend to Grab Coffee

If you’re trying to ask out a friend, and you aren’t clear about how you feel, then they may assume that it’s just a friendly invitation. A coffee date with friends is still a date, but not the romantic kind that you — and possibly the other person — may want.

Asking a Stranger Out for Coffee

Now, if it’s a total stranger, that makes this a little easier. They may assume that you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with them. However, they still won’t be completely sure unless you make it clear that you’re interested in them romantically. If your intention is to take your relationship to the next level, then you’d want to be straightforward about it. 

Be Clear

The key here is being clear. It’s best to be straightforward with your intentions! People appreciate clarity and boldness — as long as it’s respectful and tasteful. 

Once you ask and they accept, enjoy the conversation! An initial coffee date can lead to more coffee dates — or even dinner dates!

Remember: “It’s the Situation Keeping My Connection with Him”.

I’m Lori Stith, The Stoicess, and I believe in You!

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