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The Reality of Commitment Phobia

The Reality of Commitment Phobia

November 23, 2022

The Reality of Commitment Phobia?

Gamophobia is the proper term for someone with a fear of commitment. “Gamos” comes from the Greek word for “marriage”, while “phobos” means “fear”. 

People who have commitment anxiety find it difficult to form lasting intimate relationships. Even in a relationship, someone with gamophobia could encounter anxiety or worry about the relationship ending, even when there is no supporting evidence. 

Many with this phobia tend to push people away or end a relationship abruptly in order to not be the wrong side of a breakup. 


Causes of Gamophobia

The fear of abandonment or problems with trust can have roots in several different life experiences. 


Family History

If you grew up with a family member who had gamophobia then it’s possible for you to adopt their perspective and lead you to develop the same fear. 



Children who see their parents go through divorce can develop their own fear of commitment because they believe they will go through the same experience. 


A Bad Breakup

If you’ve experienced the hurt of a bad breakup or divorce, you may decide to forego relationships for a while. Over time though, this can lead to an irrational fear if you don’t put yourself in the dating scene again. 


How to Overcome a Fear of Commitment

Gamophobia can be a scary thing, but it can be overcome. Many who suffer from this anxiety find resolution through replacing negative perceptions of relationships or marriage with positive ones. 

How we perceive relationship experiences can have a major impact on what we think about future relationships and dwelling on the negative can create the fear that a healthy relationship isn’t an option. 

Talking with a professional can lead to such a change of mind and help you understand why you’re experiencing the anxiety.

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