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Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative Prayer

January 5, 2022

When we realize we can’t fix a problem and will have to live with a situation, contemplative prayer is a meditative practice to find peace. Contemplative prayer is “listening prayer.” Instead of trying to change the world, you accept the world as it is with God’s help.

Contemplative prayer enhances your ability to hear God’s voice by reducing distraction and anxiety, thereby drawing you closer to God. You focus on repeating a single word or concept throughout your prayer. In turn, your prayer mimics meditative, centering practices. 

The Bible and eastern meditation are often confusing topics for spiritual people. Christians have traditionally been suspicious of the term “contemplative prayer,” fearing that it will lead immature believers away from Jesus and into mysticism. However, contemplative prayer is an effective form of worship focusing on Christ and His teaching because you are yielding to His will.

How To Pray a Contemplative Prayer

  1. Take time to read and to pray in a quiet and comfortable place, a place without interruptions or distractions. This is what Jesus did when he removed himself from the crowds so that he could pray (Mark 1:35).
  2. Select content that reflects Jesus’ character and brings glory to Him: a verse from the Bible, a godly attribute, or a chapter from the Bible.
  3. Close your eyes. With Scripture that corresponds to the chosen word, principle, or characteristic, fill your heart, focus your mind, and feed your soul.
  4. Reflect on it as you read it.
  5. Find overlapping and similar verses in your concordance.
  6. Continue reading, contemplating, and reflecting.
  7. Think about how your actions, attitudes, or relationships would change if you put this verse into practice.
  8. Pray in Jesus’ name. As a result of the cross, we have access to the throne room of God. With humility, pray to know who God is and who you are.
  9. Listen now, let your heart guide you. Take a deep breath, and be silent for a while. Stay calm. Closing your eyes, being still, and focusing your thoughts on Jesus will help you. It is possible that you will sense the Holy Spirit’s message. A message or word must be in accordance with God’s character and the Bible, otherwise, it does not come from God.

Contemplative prayer shouldn’t be discouraged but embraced since it brings the believer closer to Jesus. Focusing on particular biblical concepts, issues in your own life that you see aren’t in line with God or His will are great ways to have a closer walk with Him, which is what this life is all about. 

Remember: “It’s the Situation Keeping My Connection with Him”.

I’m Lori Stith, The Stoicess, and I believe in You!

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