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How do I cope with losing my beloved?

How do I cope with losing my beloved?

May 16, 2022

It all seemed like a fairy tale come true. The past few months were like living in Camelot. Each day was the absolute best of times. We laughed, we sang, we held hands, we teased, and we had deep conversations. We were at the pinnacle of enjoying life together.

That is until you awoke one morning to a text saying, “I’m breaking up with you, but we can still be friends”.

Your mind went blank. You were devastated. You were humiliated.
You thought to yourself, “What will my friends think?” “I told them just yesterday, that I couldn’t be happier in my current relationship?”

However, after further consideration you decided when facing this “gut-wrenching” situation, you would be determined to focus on the positive experience you had. You realized you may have lost him in your day-to-day existence, but that you would never lose those feelings you shared together for the past few months.

You considered it a blessing to have experienced what some would call “puppy love”. You also learned that love can be a blessing and a curse. You were blessed that to have experienced wonderful feelings with another but cursed as there is heartache once it is lost.

However, you now know the feeling that another will have to arise in you in order to gain you favor. For you learned a new happiness and this IS the way you will spend your life once finding Your Trusted Friend. 

Now using My S-T-O-I-C STORYTELLING method:

(S) How do I cope with a stressful personal loss?   

(T) “Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” Seneca
(O) As much as I didn’t want to go on, life continues.
(I) I had to pull myself together and keep on living even though it seemed impossible.
(C) The character trait that I improved was perseverance in the face of humiliation.

The Stoicess’ Secret?
Puppy Love may teach you a new happiness

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