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How to Make a Good Impression on a First Date

How to Make a Good Impression on a First Date

June 29, 2022

When you’re on a first date, the “pressure is on” to make a good impression. After all, you want your date to think you’re interesting and attractive. Here are some tips on how to make a great first impression on a first date:

Dress to Impress

You don’t have to break the bank on a new outfit, but make sure you look your best. Dress comfortably in something that makes you feel confident.

Arrive on Time

This is simple enough, but it’s important. Nothing makes a worse first impression than being late. Try to arrive a few minutes early so you’re not rushed and frazzled when you meet your date.

Be Yourself

The most important thing is to be yourself. Your date will appreciate your authenticity, and you’ll be more likely to relax and have a good time if you’re not trying to be someone you’re not.

Listen More Than You Talk

Conversation is key on a first date. You want to know your date and learn about their interests, but don’t dominate the conversation. Listen actively, ask relevant questions, and let your date do most of the talking.

Avoid Loaded Topics

First dates are meant to be fun and lighthearted. Avoid any loaded topics, such as exes, religion, or politics. Stick to lighter topics like your favorite movies, books, and TV shows. However, you can mention some of your values or beliefs in a positive light. As Christians, our faith is an important part of who we are, and it’s okay to share that with your date.


Christians who know how to make a good impression on a first date can pave the way for a godly marriage by following these simple tips. Just relax, be yourself, and let your date get to know the real you.

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