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The Challenges of Long Distance Relationships

The Challenges of Long Distance Relationships

September 28, 2022

The Challenges of Long Distance Relationships

Sometimes, distance can cause problems when it comes to a relationship. One problem can be that one partner has unrealistic expectations on how often you will be communicating. Another can be that the partner doesn’t feel that a strong emotional attachment exists or is waning with each passing day.


And even with committing more time together to communicate, you may still face the issue of not spending enough quality time together. Thus, it is hard to maintain expectations when the distance is great. More negative communication versus positive communication may unfold.


So, distance becomes one of the greatest obstacles to overcome when you are trying to build a long-lasting relationship. You will have to work hard and focus to overcome distance if you want to be with someone over a long period of time.


You should think about what you can do to reduce the “mental” distance between you and your partner. The more time that you spend in quality communication with them, the more chance you have of staying in love.


Work to be a good listener and share experiences and ideas with them. Take the time to talk to them about your daily activities, and listen to their activities as well in order to strengthen your relationship.


Remember that relationships take time to blossom into romance. When you place distance between two people who are trying to make a relationship work, it can cause problems.


Here are a few things to consider before diving into a long-distance relationship.


Making Time for Each Other


An important aspect of any relationship is the time you spend together. This is how you form deeper bonds and get to know the other person. This is best when you’re able to be in the same place together, because you can enjoy each other’s company in the best possible way. In a long-distance relationship, this can be difficult to do and it certainly won’t happen if you don’t make it a priority. 


Information technology should be the cornerstone of communicating most effectively with your partner. Phone calls, text messaging, and even video calls can suffice for a while. You should schedule regular meetings and make them a priority.


You should also be consistent when meeting. There should be no time when you can’t call your partner or send them a message. It is also important to be there for each other, even when you are busy doing other things.


You should also make sure you communicate well with your partner. It is important to remember that you two are a team. If you communicate well, you will have a much more solid bond.


You should also work to be a good listener and share experiences and ideas with each other. You need to take the time to talk to each other by having deep conversations to strengthen your relationship.


However, realize that doing the things above exactly correctly will still not have the same impact on the relationship as being together in person. Over time, you will need to see each other in person. Thus, the best way to maintain your relationship is to see each other as often as possible.


So, every now and then you need to plan a visit for the two of you to meet for a few days together. If you’re thinking about involving yourself in a long-distance relationship, take this into consideration.


Sticking to Surface Level Topics


Another problem with long-distance relationships is the trap of falling into surface-level conversations, also commonly called “small talk”. This is especially true of couples involved in a new long-distance relationship. Without being with your significant other regularly or communicating often, you won’t know who they are, what their passionate about, or become involved in their life.


To keep a healthy relationship, you must be interested in your partner’s life and the things they do. This can be difficult.


When you first meet someone, it is hard to talk to them about deep subjects. As a result, you may end up talking about superficial things like their favorite music or movie.


This is okay initially, but you must try to get more involved with them as time passes. When you learn about what they are passionate about, you can begin to understand them better and build a deeper relationship. You must also open yourself up to them so they can learn about you and your passions.


Be patient and willing to talk. Be open with each other and share your daily lives with each other. Tell your partner everything you are doing. Don’t keep things to yourself. Instead, tell your partner all the details so your partner can get to know you better. And encourage your partner to do the same for you.


Also, learn to talk about real, meaningful topics. Ask good questions. Getting to know your partner extremely well will allow you both to develop that strong connection.


Is There a Valid Reason to Be Apart?


Before committing yourself to a long-distance relationship, ask yourself if the reason you can’t close the distance gap is a good one. While things like going to different colleges or landing a great job are valid reasons, you still may be hesitant to commit. That’s okay.


However, you should weigh the pros and cons of the situation for being apart and if you decide that being apart is the best for you both, then be clear and explain your reasoning for not moving forward.


At the end of the day, if you’re interested in the person enough and they are interested in you enough, the two of you can make it work.

Closing comments


If you are both genuinely in love with each other, you will eventually find a way to make it work out. It may not be easy, but it will happen.


Keep God as the centerpiece of your relationship. You must have continual trust that things will work out the way they’re supposed to.


However, if you find that your reasons for staying apart are not good, you should be honest and clear about the situation. Try to come to a compromise so you can remain happy together as a couple or if not, as Trusted friends.

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