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4 Ways to Make Love Last

4 Ways to Make Love Last

September 4, 2022

4 Ways To Make Love Last

Today’s society places a much greater emphasis on the search for love rather than making it last. It takes work and dedication to keep a relationship on the right track. In reality, most relationships can flourish and last a lifetime if both partners are invested in making it so. For a marriage to last, a Christian couple must be fully committed, willing to forgive past mistakes, determined to move forward, and not afraid to act on their love.

1. Commitment to the Relationship

For Christians, unwavering commitment is one of the most important ingredients of a happy, long-lasting marriage. Couples anticipate a bright future together and consider their marriage to be a key aspect of their lives. They care about one other and work hard to maintain their relationship.

2. Practice Forgiveness

When someone you care about does something that hurts you, it’s natural to feel resentful, angry, and blameful. If you and your partner can’t forgive each other, you risk being stuck in the past and unable to move forward in your relationship. Self-forgiveness is also crucial for focusing on the here-and-now and moving forward.

3. Determination To Never Give Up

When a couple is committed to each other and their marriage, they are more than willing to work through difficulties together. Dedicate some time daily to praying to God to give you the strength you need. As the saying goes: “A family that prays together stays together.”

4. Express Love in Actions

Love shouldn’t be hidden or contained. Say it out loud and show it with your actions. Share your feelings by writing sweet notes and letters to your loved one. To express your affection for your partner, do amazing things to make memories together.

The Bottom Line

While falling in love may have been easy, sustaining a healthy Christian marriage will need consistent effort. The great news is that couples can build a healthy marriage by being committed, forgiving, never giving up, and expressing love.

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