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My Partner Left Me – Now What?

My Partner Left Me – Now What?

February 23, 2022

It’s been a long day at the job, and you’re exhausted. You enter the house looking for peace, but you can feel something different as you open the door. Maybe it’s because you don’t hear the TV or most of the lights are off. An uncomfortable feeling grows in your stomach as you slowly close the door behind you and begin your slow progression through the house, looking for your One. You find them sitting at the kitchen table; all dressed up as if they’re about ready to go somewhere. “What’s going on?” you ask. “I’m leaving you”, they respond as they get up from the table and pass mere inches from you while heading toward the front door.

“Are we going to talk about this?” you continue.

“The person I truly love is waiting for me outside. We’ll talk later” is the response.
As the car lights drift away, you stand motionless.

We’ve all faced hard times in our lives, but you’ve found that the hardest, without question, is break-ups. We’re caught off-guard, and, for you, it’s always when you’re exhausted and need an arm to lean on after a long, hard day. After receiving the news, you’re unable to sleep. Reality sets in by the following day, and your emotions are highly unpredictable at best.

For you, when you face horrible events, you tell yourself you have three choices: Give up, Give in, or Give it my all. Remove your very existence from this earth, stay in your current dark hole living in misery, or use this opportunity to remake yourself into a stronger me.

So, which do you choose? You use nature as your ally and keep “swimming, swimming, swimming”. You follow Apostle Paul’s lead, and you persevere. As you remember, in high school biology, we learned the male releases nearly 100 million sperm during mating. It takes that many because it’s a long, challenging journey as each one swims to reach the egg to be that ultimate winner. It’s nature’s way of allowing only the fittest, the strongest, and the healthiest to survive the long journey.

How does this apply to You? God gave you the strength to win. You beat out 100 million folks to be here today. That’s about a third of the population in the U.S.

And how did you do it? You didn’t give up! You kept swimming, swimming, swimming.

Now using My S-T-O-I-C STORYTELLING method:
S) My partner left me – Now what?
(T) “Cling tooth and nail to the following rule: not to give in to adversity.”
“[B]ut we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering
produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”
Apostle Paul
(O) I decided to perform the difficult task of climbing out of the deep hole of
depression I was in.
(I) I accepted the loss as being part of life, and as long as I had breath, I
would rebuild myself during the time left on this earth.
(C) I put perseverance into overdrive.

The Stoicess’ Secret?
You Were A Winner Before You Were Born


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