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Negative Aspects of Online Dating

Negative Aspects of Online Dating

November 2, 2022

Online dating has become much more popular over the years. While finding potential dating partners is the bait that brings people to these sites in droves, sometimes it’s not everything people want or even expect. Here are several cautions to the online dating scene that you should consider before signing up. 


Shallow Experience

Online dating can be a shallow experience. In most instances, you’re chatting with someone you don’t know and trying to determine whether this person could be a potential match. This is difficult to do with a cyber wall between you. With the potential for misinterpreted messages and not knowing if your intended joke achieved the expected outcome, there is a lot to be desired. Some platforms may allow you to video chat, which has its own set of issues. There can be that unexpected awkwardness associated with meeting someone new and if you’re not a conversation linguist, then it can be an intimidating situation. 


Looks Can Be Deceiving

Online dating can be rife with fake profiles and scammers impersonating someone looking for a date. The end goal for them is always the same: to siphon cash from their unsuspecting target. Romance scammers use a variety of excuses as to why they need money including to pay for surgery, travel expenses, and more to tug at your heartstrings. 


If you think you’re being targeted by a scammer, it’s best to stop chatting with that person immediately and report any suspicious activity to the dating site. 


Additionally, sometimes you may have a great conversation over the course of several days or weeks and actually land a real-life, in-person date. Congratulations! However, the person who shows up on the date may look very different than their photos. While you could ask for a recent selfie from someone before meeting, you don’t want to infringe on their privacy. This can be a thin line, but if you do request a recent photo, be sure to explain your reasoning behind it. Also, be sure to provide your own if you’re so inclined. 


Different Motives

There are many reasons why someone may create a profile on a dating site. Other than scammers, some people may simply want entertainment, while others want to find dates. Dating sites must be mined for the people who genuinely want to go out and have a traditional date. 


Dating Takes More Time

Online dating may get you an instant conversation with a potential date, but it could be days or weeks before you meet the person on the other end of the chat… if you meet them at all. Chatting has its own set of challenges and a genuine person on the other end will have the same concerns about the legitimacy of who you are that you do about them. It will take time to build trust and chemistry. So relax, enjoy the conversation, and don’t rush the process. 



Modern online dating involves a lot of work and finding a real date can take a lot of time. If you’ve got the patience and don’t mind creating a well-crafted profile description with great pictures, then you might enjoy a real date from Internet Land. 

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