Stop Overthinking Date

Stop Overthinking Date

January 24, 2022

It’s the first date jitters, and I’m driving myself insane. I can’t stop overthinking dating. “Sometimes I think things to death”, you say. “The what-ifs—What if this, what if that.” Your mind becomes so overtaxed. You’re at the point of exhaustion.

Anxiety and depression set in. You’re as useless as a “bump on a log”, just unwilling to do anything. It puts a real damper on other things you need to be focusing on, such as topics to talk about on this first date.

For me, I’ve found that most of the things I overthink are the little things that catch me off guard. They pop up without notice and attempt to test my sanity. They’re about as bad as that horrible pimple showing up on my face the morning of a big date. 

You see, what’s most important is to prepare oneself in advance and live in the present and breathe. I have my list of items to choose from on this date. First, I’ll have my date talk about themselves (which everyone loves to do). I’ll ask about their job, hobbies, pets, friends, past accomplishments, and future ambitions. I want this first date to focus on them, so I get to know the person. Second, I’ll also prepare to answer these questions for myself if asked. Because to me, these topics are what make a first date so exciting — the potential to find a new friend in my life’s journey. So, while on the date, I make the best of what is right in front of me, my date, while enjoying every moment of life I have. 

And what about Mr. Pimple? I deal with him and go to the event, checking my face in the mirror every so often to see if the little monster needs attending. I enjoy the time with my date without overthinking my mind with Mr. Pimple and those other “what ifs”. 

 Now using My S-T-O-I-C STORYTELLING method:

 (S) I cannot stop overthinking my first date; what should I do?

 (T) “We suffer more from imagination than from reality.” Seneca
“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” Apostle Paul

 (O) I decided to concentrate on taking things as they come and not worry so much about what might happen.

 (I) I realized that most of the things I worry and overthink about never happen.

 (C) The character trait I improved is calmness, knowing that things do work out for the best.

The Stoicess’ Secret? Don’t let the pimples overthink your mind.

Remember: “It’s the Situation Keeping My Connection with Him”.

I’m Lori Stith, The Stoicess, and I believe in You!

Here’s the video link if you’d like to watch.

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