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Relationship anxiety? Jealousy?

Relationship anxiety? Jealousy?

February 28, 2022

Do you ever feel you don’t have complete control of your relationship with your partner, and it’s worrying the stew out of you? Is there a trust issue? Is suspicion present, and you fear you may lose them?

If yes, then maybe you should invert your feelings to focus on the nature of your partner. In essence, you are using nature as your ally.

Which is most disheartening to humans? Not obtaining something they want or losing something they already have? These phenomena are termed risk-seeking and risk-averse. And it’s well documented that the fear of losing what you currently have is the more daunting, more worrisome, of the two.

For you, when faced with such moments of anxiety, you realize your partner will also face the same at some future time because you each were a great catch for the other. Appropriately viewed, this jealousy is simply nature’s way of reminding the two of you to be thankful for what you have.

So, you talk with your partner and pray together. You let them know what’s going on in your mind. Also, you tell them you’ll be there to help them with their anxiety, their jealousy over losing you when such arises in their mind because jealousy in a relationship is a two-way street. It’s always driving between whichever of the two lanes it presently chooses. And only by building trust in one another can we both overcome its snare.

Now using My S-T-O-I-C STORYTELLING method:

(S) How do I deal with relationship anxiety?
(T) “If you anticipate the coming of troubles, you take away their power when they arrive.” Seneca
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Apostle Paul
(O) I discussed my anxiety with my partner, and we prayed together.
(I) I stayed positive and moved forward, knowing everything would work out.
(C) The character trait I improved was continued optimism about our relationship.

The Stoicess’ Secret?
When Jealousy picks on you, use nature as your ally to win.

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