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3 Signs of Life in the Church You’re Visiting

3 Signs of Life in the Church You’re Visiting

November 4, 2022

3 Signs of Life in the Church You’re Visiting


Finding a church home can be a daunting task. What should Christians consider when visiting a church? What makes a “good” church? Or what should be included in the shortlist from which you answer this important decision? Take a look at several factors that should play a role when choosing your church home.

Quality Preaching

Sound biblical preaching and teaching are the cornerstones of any church worth its membership. If the preaching at the church includes exegesis or critical explanation and interpretation of the text then you’ve found a potential church home. As a lifelong student of the Bible, your church home should give you additional insight into the Word of God for living a life well-pleasing to the Lord. 


The Temperature of the Members

Are the members of your potential church home friendly? Do they exhibit godly characteristics or are they involved in the church ministry somehow? As Christians, we’re called to be involved in active ministry within the local church as a service to the community. If you see evidence of ministry activity among the congregation, this is a sign that the church is alive. This should be considered in your search for a church home because it will also motivate you to be involved once you become a member.  


Classes & Events

A church that holds regular events and group activities is a great place for any member, singles, and families alike. This could include churchwide events, but smaller groups such as bible studies and weekly classes allow for more intimate gatherings where friendships form. Christians need Christian friends with which they journey through life together. The presence of age-appropriate classes is a great candidate for a church to call home. 



There are many things that could be included in the shortlist of qualities a great church possesses. Finding a church that holds these qualities facilitates Christian growth and allows the body of Christ to shine brightly among the local community. 

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