The Mindset Behind the Storytelling The Mindset Behind the Storytelling

It was another one of those days at the office.
The morning started with me having the day planned out in my mind – at least until I opened my email. Then my world became chaotic.

Overnight, deadlines had changed on work due.
I could feel anxiety hitting me and I hadn’t even had my first cup of coffee.

Then it happened.
A staff member approached me in a somewhat unpleasant tone.
I felt “my temperature rise” and I was about to unload and “light that fire”…..until….in an instant…. my stoic training kicked in. 
My mind relaxed.
I gained self-control.
I approached the situation without aggression.

And you know what?
The staff’s request needed a simple explanation.
I resolved the problem quickly without “losing it”.
And I felt awesome.

Self-control, self-control, self-control.
That’s the New ME!


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