Living a Tol’able (meaningful) Life Living a Tol’able (meaningful) Life


Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me !

STEVE: (singing)…

Poor Poor Pitiful Me…

Woe…. Woe… is Me


LORI: You’re singing again.

Isn’t that Linda Ronstat’s song “Pitiful Me”® back from the 70’s?

You weren’t even born then.


STEVE: Yes it’s Linda’s song.
I came across it a few days ago and it fits me perfectly.

LORI: Why’s that?
It’s kind of depressing.


STEVE: Cause life is horrible to me.


LORI: Go on…


STEVE: No one likes me.
I have no real friends that care about me.
My boss says I can’t do anything right.
Everyone is mean to me.
Life turns against me every time I try to do something.


LORI: That’s enough.
I get the picture.
So what do you want?


STEVE: I want things to work out for me as their supposed to.


LORI: Which is?


STEVE: Things should turn out good for me when I try something.
Everyone should love me and be really good to me.
My boss should tell me how pleased she is to have me and what a great job I’m doing.


LORI: Sounds nice.
So what are you going to do to get there?

……The Story Ending? 

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