Living a Tol’able (meaningful) Life Living a Tol’able (meaningful) Life

Always Defending Your Actions?  Develop Your “Cow Disposition”   …

Lori: What’s on your mind today?

Steve: How to defend myself.

Lori: Mental or physical?

Steve: Uh… Mental !

Lori: Go on.

Steve: It seems like in everything I do, I have to defend myself.

At work, the boss says I have to do “X, Y, & Z simultaneously” in an absurd time-frame.
Of course, I typically fail and have to defend myself to the boss.

Customers jump on the bandwagon and have unrealistic expectations of what I must accomplish or else… I’m constantly defending that “I’m doing my best” but am told my best is not good enough.

And my personal life is no different.
I am constantly defending my thoughts and actions to those I consider my friends.

Defend, defend, defend.
It’s always on me, my fault.
Whatever I do is never good enough.

So my question to you is, “Must I always defend?”

……The Story Ending? 

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