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Why Can’t You Get The One You Want

Why Can’t You Get The One You Want

August 22, 2022

Why Can’t You Get The One You Want

There’s this one person you’ve got your eye on. They’re everything you’ve ever dreamed of – Beautiful, Talented, Mind blowing.
They ARE your chosen ONE. But you can’t get them to notice you.
You’ve tried everything. Batting your eyes, wearing nice outfits, doing your special walk—that bird dance to attract another.
But then it happens… everyone else becomes attracted to you. It’s like being bombarded by flies at a picnic.

For you, when you thought you liked someone because they were cute or cool and ultimately made the catch, you realized down the road that the person really wasn’t the greatest asset. Sure, they were fun to hang out with temporarily, but for the long haul, you need someone who truly cares about you. 

And what about those flies? You started looking more closely at those admirers. You let nature be your ally, as nature placed your daily catch in front of you. You knew their attraction was physical and your task was to determine how deep of a mental connection could be made. And when the choice finally ended up being reciprocal, a beautiful and meaningful relationship blossomed.

Now using My S-T-O-I-C STORYTELLING Meditation method:

(S) Why is it that when you don’t like someone, they’re the one who wants you, but the one you want, doesn’t even like you?
(T) “If your choices are beautiful, so too will you be.” Epictetus
“You want something, but you can’t get it…. You don’t have what you want, because you don’t ask God.” Book of James
(O) I decided that sometimes the one I think I want, isn’t the right one for me.
(I) I realized that it takes time to really see what someone is all about.
(C) The character trait I improved was patience in taking time to really get to know someone before making a big decision.

The Stoicess’ Secret?
When doing the bird dance to attract another, don’t ignore the flies.

I’m Lori Stith, The Stoicess
Your Christian Life Coach
AND I believe in YOU!


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