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The Secret to Sanctification

The Secret to Sanctification

September 9, 2022

The Secret to Sanctification 

Sanctification is fundamental to the spiritual growth of a Christian, as is made abundantly plain in the Bible. This doctrine describes how God purifies sinners so that they can serve His holy will. A transformation of character and a renewed commitment to loving God and neighbor are essential components of sanctification. Part of this journey is shifting one’s outlook and gaining an open, truthful view of the world. What can Christians do to facilitate God’s work in their lives rather than hinder it?

Detaching From Every Reprehensible Sin

To begin the process of sanctification, a Christian must first cut off any associations with sin in their life. For example, one of their sins could be an overindulgence in food and alcohol. One must first turn away from all sins to receive God’s favor. God will offer greater enlightenment to a person if they use the light already bestowed upon them to sincerely confront the sins that God has unveiled.

Preparing Both Heart and Mind

Focusing on God prepares a Christian’s mind and heart to receive, retain, and act upon the truth that they receive. All cravings and desires must be subdued, and all worries and stress in the world must be put on hold. One must devote as much time as possible to reading and reflecting on God’s Word to be filled with its truth. Staying in constant contact with God and asking for His strength to carry you through any temptations you face will be necessary. Meditating on God’s Word is an essential part of this process.

The Bottom Line

Time in the Word and time in prayer are essential to sanctification. How you view this time in the beginning may be very different than how you view it later on in the journey. Spend enough time with Him and you will see not only how much God loves you, but also how essential time with Him is to your sanctification. 

Our God is the living God. He cares about every day you live and every action you take. He wants to do good unto His children and be involved in every decision they make. Time with God will bring the realization that your life is not your own. You were bought with a price. Through your time in the Word and prayer, you’ll come to understand this and you’ll not only be okay with it, but you also wouldn’t want it any other way. 

By God’s grace, Christians are sanctified so that they can obey God’s moral law and love God and their neighbors. A Christian can aid rather than obstruct God’s work in his or her life by avoiding sin and preparing their heart and mind to receive God’s favor.

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