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Learn The stoicess’ approach addressing 5 simple questions

A Unique Storytelling Perspective Addressing Family, Marital, Dating, Friendship, and Business Relationships using Biblical and Stoic Principles. The Stoicess, Lori Stith, developed a Storytelling method for meditating on God’s Word by addressing 5 simple questions: (S) Situation, (T) Teaching, (O) Outcome, (I) Illumination, and (C) Character Trait Improved. Her meditation method is an active approach – it’s situation driven. Life presents you with a situation that is burning inside of you for an answer. Her method teaches you how to search the scripture and stoic virtues to find immediate answers most applicable. Then, you apply the answers by journaling your story, and remember the resolution for life. It’s like teaching you how to search your vehicle’s owner’s manual when a breakdown occurs to find quickly a needed solution.

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