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“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore Wise as serpents, and Harmless as doves.” Jesus Christ

As Christians, we must be connected with God every moment of our existence to maintain our shrewdness and innocence. Learn how to use “caught off-guard” Situations to keep you firmly connected with God. Train with us for 4 consecutive months to learn my secret S-T-O-I-C meditation method using wisdom; If you apply yourself, it will be a spiritually-transforming event that you, yourself, accomplished. And once learned, I want you to go teach another because that’s what we Christians do.

Hi Everyone. I’m The Stoicess, Lori Stith, CEO of Stoic Matchmaker, LLC.

I teach Christian Wisdom. Stoic Matchmaker is a Christian Meditation and Education Website where I use difficult real-life situations to teach you to address relationship issues — at home, work, among friends, and family — you name it. And if you’re interested in dating, I’ll teach you how to choose your special “One”.

"Seek the Lord and His strength; seek his presence continually!"; ..... "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."

1 Chronicles 16:11; Proverbs 4:7

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S: My brother is always late for family activities; what should I have him bring?

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Are You Ready for God’s Help?


If you feel that you’re stuck in the same place and aren’t moving forward, making changes to your mindset can change your life. The mind is a powerful creation and can give life to all things you want. God wants you to have faith — you can change your circumstances. At Stoic Matchmaker, we share with you a method on how to make that change to gain understanding and wisdom in your life.


Are you always affected by the worries and questions you have about the future? If you’re constantly stressed by the deadlines and decisions to be made throughout your life, you need to change your mind. Through Stoic Matchmaker, you can renew your thoughts and way of thinking — the way that God had intended for us to begin with. Together, we can step towards living by faith, so that we please the Lord.

Live With A Faith-Based Mindset That Can Overcome Anxiety And Worry

Within our online community, members can learn all they need to make a positive difference, not just within themselves, but also the people around them. We also believe that finding a wonderful spouse that is compatible with the Christian faith will also help with overcoming all your worries and anxieties. Most importantly, you will witness how other Christians are walking by faith to tackle their ongoing issues. We can help you overcome:

  • Worries and anxieties
  • Stress and depression
  • Walking without the armor of God


This can be achieved through biblical meditation, bible studies, and applying lessons learned from the Bible to your life. While this process can be a hard undertaking, there are things we can do as Christians to improve our odds of finding someone who is like-minded and shares our beliefs. This is where Stoic Matchmaker can help you learn the power and value of meditation, where you can focus on the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.


S-T-O-I-C Storytelling Method

It’s simple – write 5 sentences reminiscing your success

  • Situation: What you faced
  • Teaching: Apostle Paul and Stoic Virtues
  • Outcome: What you felt immediately following the event
  • Illuminate: What you felt later about yourself after thinking about the event (an understanding or spiritual awareness)
  • Character: Trait you improved.

Better your mind 10 minutes at a time
Stoic Storytelling – Your Writing Matters!


Founded On S-T-O-I-C Storytelling®

  • $50 for one 5 sentences S-T-O-I-C Storytelling with a Mindset
  • $50 for answering 120 of The Stoicess’ Daily Helpline requests using the S-T-O-I-C storytelling method.



For your initial 4 consecutive months with us, the Stoicess will pay you! WHY? Because SHE WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED! Journaling is a simple, but powerful process that will empower you. This is a wonderful opportunity to EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!

*For more information, visit the Training Page and Terms & Conditions page, “Buying Members’ Stories”.

Stoic MatchMaker’s MEMBER Stoic Storytelling

OUR RECENT $50 AWARDEE (Mindset not shown)

  • My partner's emotional state is draining me, what should I do?
  • “We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” Seneca
    “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Book of Psalm

  • I reminded my partner that everything would be okay and brought them back into the present moment.
  • I realized sympathy and redirection will result in better outcomes than criticisms and arguments.
  • I improved my supportiveness.

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Biblical Meditation

Meditating requires the reflection of our souls to see what we keep in our thoughts and our hearts. When we read the word of God slowly, as well as become absorbed in our prayers, we can humbly request for God to reveal all there is to understand of His Word. Of course, all of this can only be done by relying on the work of the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, meditating on the Holy Scriptures is an essential part of Christian living, and should always be part of your daily life. There are plenty of texts from the Bible that make this clear. Some examples of this can be found in the book of Psalms, where it says:

  • “I will fix my mind on your principles, and meditate on your ways.”PSALMS 119:15
  • “That I will not sin against you, I have placed your words in my heart.”PSALMS 119:11

Other examples can also be found in other texts, such as Joshua (1:8) “This book and its words of law will not leave your mouth, but you will instead meditate on it night and day. You will be careful to follow all that is written inside. This will allow you to live prosperously, and you will be happy in your success.”

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Meditation For Christians

Would you believe that the word “meditate” is mentioned in two different Hebrew words in the Old Testament? While one meaning is translated as a low pitch, muttering noise, the other meaning is translated as “to be absorbed in thought.” When combined, these two meanings can provide the idea of a person, such as yourself, quietly vocalizing the thoughts you have of the biblical texts.

Meditation is an activity that calls your mind to think things over and apply the works, ways, and promises of the Lord. As such, the focus of your meditation will always be on God, His majesty and glory, as well as all His works in this world. This results in creating the intention of changing your behavior, your speech, your goals, and ultimately, your life.

If this is your first time exploring meditation and what it can do for you, know that it is an activity used for the cultivation of holy thought. It is done consciously in front of God, through the help of God as a means of communicating with Him. In other words, Stoic Matchmaker aims to teach you in the devotional practice that allows us to know God better, love God better, and come into closer communion with Him. You’ll learn a path to God’s wisdom and understanding that you seek.

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Dating For Christian Singles

While other dating sites will provide you with a picture and some kind of description about a person on your screen, dating decisions shouldn’t be based on these things alone. Conventional beauty is one thing, but finding a partner to last a lifetime is a rarity. Stoic Matchmaker offers you the chance to find someone more — you’ll meet people and learn more about their life through quality time spent together.

Moreover, our members have already started on the right path toward becoming the best version of themselves. We also encourage authenticity by focusing on the needs and concerns of everyone in the community, so we can all grow and thrive together. In this way, we can all benefit from a lasting change, build genuine relationships and offer valuable lessons that teach us what it means to choose a partner.

By drawing from common interests, such as self-development and growth, we can grow closer to reaching our goal, which is to change our mindset. Stoic Matchmaker highlights these amazing opportunities for every Christian, whether you’re single or married.

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Intentional Dating

Intentional dating is commonly defined as the process of purposefully getting to know a person romantically. It refers to two people who want to explore the possibility of getting into a long-term relationship. Moreover, intentional dating isn’t based just on superficial things such as financial status, physical attraction, or the convenience of having someone around.

This is an active way of dating, rather than a passive one — both individuals will take conscious steps to advance their relationship, rather than waiting for a development to happen. Christians are committed to God. If you are a Christian, this means that you need to seek actively the Lord’s guidance in everything you do, including romance.

A Christian looking to date needs to have the mindset of dating for marriage. This choice will have a huge impact on their lives, and if you have a calling in your church and community, you should know that your choice of spouse will influence you in these aspects. Due to this, your goal for dating should be focused on the future, rather than the present time.

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How Does Stoic Matchmaker Help
You Acquire a Biblical Mindset?

Stoic Matchmaker uses a storytelling method based on Apostle Paul’s teachings and the Stoic Virtues. It uses Bible study, reflection, and application to shape your mind into Christian thought as you grow closer to God.

  • How You View Yourself
  • How You View Relationships
  • How You View Situations
  • How You Deal with Stress
  • How You Control Anxiety

Join us in this beautiful journey toward a more hopeful tomorrow, and find comfort in the meditation of our God. His Wisdom and Understanding await you.

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Types Of Training Offered


Basic Training is Currently FREE for 30 days. To join Basic Training contact us at [email protected] and request access to the Basic Training program.

Also know that individuals providing a “Helpline Situation” at [email protected] will automatically be signed up for Basic Training.

In Basic Training, You learn ALONE. You’ll receive a brief writing or game each week for gaining familiarity with Stoicism’s applicability to your Success.


Advanced Training is for Paying Members Only.

Signup on the website and select Meditation or Dating. You’ll automatically be sent to PayPal Checkout following Signup.

Games, Writings, Podcasts, and Your Success Stories are the cornerstone of our Advance Training program.

Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday to assist you in your progress.

For your initial 4 consecutive months with us, if you perform the S-T-O-I-C writings for 4 consecutive months, we will pay you $100 so your average cost equates to $5/month. For more information, visit the Training Page and Terms & Conditions page, “Buying Members’ Stories.”

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$5 per Month*

*For your initial 4 consecutive months with us, if you perform the S-T-O-I-C writings for 4 consecutive months, we will pay you $100 so your average cost equates to $5/month. For more information, visit the Training Page and Terms & Conditions page, “Buying Members’ Stories”.


Gift Giving: For Our Children

At the close of every month, $1 is donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for each paying member enrolled with us all days during that entire month.

The donation increases to $6 for each paying member enrolled with us all days during a 5 month (or longer) period.

The Stoicess’ Promise: There is No limit on the amount to be donated.

“God loves a cheerful giver.” Apostle Paul


The Stoicess’ Commitment To You:  Money Back Guarantee

I want you to grow closer to God so He can draw near to you. The Professor and I are committed to helping you in your growth while being satisfied with our service which is why I offer a 21 day money-back guarantee for a full month’s refund. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with Stoic Matchmaker’s service, you have 21 days from your initial membership purchase date to send an email to https://stoicmatchmaker.com/contact-us/ and request the refund.


The Stoicess,
Lori Stith, CEO