We need a bigger house AND I’m getting it !


Annabelle wants a bigger house, but her ONE is satisfied with what they have.

Annabelle’s getting the bigger house PERIOD!



Katy: Good to see you, Annabelle.

How are you doing?


Annabelle: I’m furious!


Lori: Why?


Annabelle: We need a bigger house and My ONE says he’s satisfied with what we have.


Dylan: Did he say why?


Annabelle: Too much money – a waste of money – blah, blah, blah.

A typical male.


Katy: Whoa….. Let’s try another angle, please.

Why do YOU want the house, Annabelle?


Annabelle: We’ll likely be having a family soon (if he gets himself in line) and we need a bigger house.

The neighbors just had their first child—a lovely daughter—and they moved down the street to a bigger and much nicer house.


Katy: Dylan, any comments?


Dylan: I’m staying on the sidelines on this one—sounds like a hot mess.


Annabelle: Chicken !


Katy: Lori?


Lori: I’ve been there before myself, Annabelle.

It was right before our son was born.

It was tough reaching a decision, but we kept working on it; in the end we both sacrificed and bought a decent house.


Annabelle: Well, we’ve been talking and he’s not budging.

I may go sign the paperwork myself and we’ll see what he does then.


Katy: Annabelle, why do you want the house NOW ?


Annabelle: Because we need ….


……The Story Ending?

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