Dating Expectations

Dating Expectations

February 28, 2022

Many Christians have unrealistic expectations for their dating relationships, which can lead to disappointment and heartache. In a world where dating seems to be more complicated than ever, it’s important to have realistic expectations. It’s important to have a great time while you’re dating and know with time if the person you’re dating could lead to something more. 

Creating Stoic Dating Expectations for Yourself

Dating as a Christian can be difficult. With so many different expectations, it can be difficult to navigate your dating journey. Luckily, creating stoic dating expectations for yourself can be a helpful way to simplify the process.

Here are some tips to help you in the process:

  • Remember your worth: Don’t forget this as you begin dating. Remember that you are a child of God, and He has made you in His image.
  • Have realistic expectations: Have realistic expectations in dating. You are not going to be perfect or find a perfect person; potential partners have flaws just like you do.
  • Make sure to be yourself: Don’t try to be someone you’re not; it will only lead to heartache and disappointment. Be yourself and let them get to know the real you.
  • Accept that it may not work: Accept the fact that it may not work out between you and the person you are dating, and don’t get too discouraged if this happens.
  • Don’t expect constant interaction: People are busy, and life happens. Don’t expect constant interaction or communication from the person you are dating.
  • Allow yourself to go with the flow: Dating is hard to navigate, and it’s okay not to have everything all figured out. Let yourself go with the flow and see where things lead.


When it comes to dating, you may often put too much pressure on yourself and your partner. By having and applying stoic dating expectations, you can take a more rational and objective approach to dating, which can lead you to a healthier and happier relationship.

Remember: “It’s the Situation Keeping My Connection with Him”.

I’m Lori Stith, The Stoicess, and I believe in You!

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